Fight for your rights debate – Friday 7th Nov at 19:00 PM

Fight for your rights debate – Friday 7th Nov at 19:00 PM

We are all aware of the recent tragic events that have befallen Romania.

Whatever the reason, a large number of Romanian people have taken to the streets to protest against the injustices that plague daily life and have their voice heard.

Of course, there will be some, rightly or wrongly, who wish to stand aside and watch the events unfold. They prefer to sit at home and watch the change on TV or Facebook.

Next Friday, we, at Lingua Events, will be coming together to debate this hot current topic. We ask all those to join us that want an open debate to get their points across and hear what other opinions are.

Do you think that all Romanian’s should get out of their house and stand, #collectively with their fellow countrymen?

Should we continue to be well-behaved citizens instead standing up for our rights?

Aren’t you sick with letting others infringe upon your rights and tolerating it?

Do you actually know your rights?

Do you think that regardless of what you do, nothing will change? Do you wish just to get on with your life and “let things that will be, be”?

Some say that the only rights you have in this world..are the ones you are willing to fight for!

Regardless of your opinion, this is THE debate to air your thoughts.

Friday 13th November 19:00

(004) 0722 333 081 |

48 Ferdinand Blvd. I Bucharest (“Foisorul de Foc” area)

Sector 2, Bucharest, Romania

Price: 50 lei / person for drinks, snacks & moderator

From every participation fee 10 lei will be donated to the families of the #Colectiv victims